After registration you will be assigned a Maternity Care Consultant, depending on where you live. Around 26 weeks of gestation one of our service desk employees will contact you to plan your intake interview. Generally this interview takes place at your home. If you prefer, your partner is more than welcome to take part of course.

During this interview you will also receive information about Maternity Care and practical issues, such as the purchase of necessary supplies for the birth and postpartum period. We will leave you enough space to clarify your preferences. What is important to you during the first maternity week and how can our maternity nurses meet your needs? Together with your consultant you review all the possibilities and make agreements on the implementation of our Maternity Care. Our consultant will gather full information about possible specifics in your family situation that our maternity nurse will have to take into account. Furthermore, you can ask all your questions.

The duration of Maternity Care is determined according to a national indication protocol (LIP). Generally you will receive 45-49 hours of care within 8 days, which comes down to approximately 6 hours a day, usually somewhere between 08.00 and 18.00 hours. The exact distribution of work hours will be arranged on the first day.

All the arrangements made with your consultant will be noted in your personal Care Record. This Care Record is the base for the care that your will receive from your maternity nurse. The arrangements will be emailed to you. They can always be adjusted during the care period, after consultation with your maternity nurse.


You need some supplies for the delivery of your baby and the postpartum period. You can choose to order these supplies via Duxxie. Make sure to inform them that you will be receiving care from Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland. Together with your consultant you will check what you need and fill out the order list. The supplies will be delivered at your home address by Medipoint shortly before your due date. How convenient! We have made these arrangements with both companies especially to serve our clients. Do you want to know what other supplies you might need? Check the supplies list on this website.