Giving birth is a very special moment. Attending a delivery will never be considered “ordinary” by our maternity nurses.  It will always be a privilege to attend the birth of a child! Our care starts with your labour, regardless the time of day. We are at your service at all times, 24/7.

Home delivery

In case of a delivery at home, your midwife will instruct you when to call us. A maternity nurse will attend your delivery. She can be present in the last stages of labour, but also sooner to assist you in handling the contractions. Share your preferences with your midwife. The maternity nurse helps preparing everything for the delivery of your baby. For example; making hot water bottles. She will assist the mother and her partner as well as the midwife during labour. Her exact tasks depend on your needs at that moment and the instructions of the midwife.

When your baby is born, she will stay in your home for a couple of hours. She will conduct regular health checks and keep a close eye on the overall situation in the first hours of the postpartum period. She will also help you feed your baby for the first time. She will gently take the necessary time in doing so and pay a lot of attention to skin-on-skin contact with your baby during this so called Golden Hour, enabling you to peacefully get acquainted with your baby and your baby to familiarize with life outside the womb.

Clinical delivery

Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to deliver your baby in hospital for medical reasons. You will be treated by a clinical midwife or gynecologist and a nurse. After delivery call us as soon as you know when you will be discharged from the hospital. One of our maternity nurses will be sent to your home as soon as possible to take care of you, regardless of the time of day!

When it’s required that you stay in hospital for a few days, e.g. after C-section, we subsequently provide care at home after your discharge. The hospital will provide a clear transfer for your maternity nurse to inform her about your personal situation and needs.

Non-clinical/outpatient delivery

If you choose to deliver your baby in hospital with your own midwife, it is called a non-clinical or outpatient delivery. In most hospitals in our region, such as Radboudumc Amalia children’s hospital, Ziekenhuis Rivierenland Tiel, Maasziekenhuis Pantein and sometimes Geboortehuis NEO, the midwives are assisted by our maternity nurses. When your baby is born she conducts health checks on you and your baby and helps you feed your baby for the first time. She will accompany you to your home and will help you take care of your baby. This care is available at all times, even in the middle of the night to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident.