Specialist Care

Specialist Care

We offer specialist care such as incubator follow-up care. Besides regular care at home  our maternity nurses also provide care for parents staying at the Ronald Mc Donaldhuis and the Amalia children’s hospital.

The passing of a baby

When you receive the horrible news that your baby has passed in the womb or is not viable for life, your sky is falling. An incredibly sad moment. It is still possible to receive maternity care, though. We discretely determine your care needs.

Questions during the maternity week

At the times the maternity nurse is not present, you can always contact us. Our service desk employees and stand-by duty employees are available 24/7.

Coaching and follow up care

In case you need some extra coaching during or after your maternity week, you can use our coaching and support service, including baby massage (formerly known as MOED-er)