About Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland

About Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland

What does Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland offer?

Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland has been offering childbirth and postpartum care for more than 50 years, including:

  • Professional supervision of deliveries at home
  • Professional supervision of deliveries at the Radboudumc childbirth outpatient clinic
  • Professional maternity care during the period after birth
  • Transfer to the well-baby clinic
  • Consultation with midwifes and hospitals in the region
  • 24-hour availability for questions and advice

What is maternity care?

The Netherlands has a unique system called maternity care! You can choose to give birth in hospital or at home. If you have given birth at home, you can spend the postpartum period there, too. This means that you will be supported by a maternity assistant for eight days after you have given birth. However, if you have chosen to give birth in hospital or if birth in hospital was necessary from a medical point of view, you will spend the postpartum period at home as well. Our maternity care consultant will explain to you what the procedure is. She will visit you at home in your sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

Further information

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