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You probably have a lot of questions

Before, during and after your pregnancy: different questions arise in the various phases you go through. ‘When do I make certain arrangements?’ ‘What can I expect during labour?’ ‘How do I take care of myself and my baby?’ We would love to help you by sharing our expertise. Should you have any questions, please contact us!


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Maternity Care

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With all our heart!

About our vision

We provide Maternity Care with all our heart and we listen to your desires. Understanding your situation and needs, that is our strength! We aim to make your maternity week pleasant and unforgettable. Together we are going to make sure that you and your brand-new family will face the future with confidence.

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This is our team

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We are a strong team. We work closely together with each other, with you and with other care organizations. For you, your baby and the rest of your family. We ensure a steady and warm foundation. We assist you where you need and expect it. Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland always provides you with the best possible care for your family.

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Mariska Kraamverzorgende

Marian Manager bedrijfsvoering

We are always looking for maternity nurses who have that little bit extra. Who, in addition to the right training and a good dose of empathy, are committed with all their heart.

Your questions

How can we help?

Any questions about getting pregnant, pregnancy or the maternity week? We would love to provide you with all the answers. We are ready for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Our maternity Care

This is how we distinguish ourselves

We will provide you with a maternity nurse that matches with your desires and personal situation. We will help you get all set up, reassure you and we promise: after a week you will be able to manage it without our help.

  • Maternity Care with all our heart
  • Small-scale and personal
  • Close collaboration with your midwife
  • Appropriate Maternity Care for your personal situation
  • Care after the maternity period