Costs and your own contribution

Costs, hours and insurance

Hiring a maternity nurse is not for free. Maternity Care is (mainly) covered by your basic insurance, but sometimes extra costs may be charged. We will explain more about prices, differences between insurance companies and your own contribution on this page.

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Maternity Care insurance

Every basic insurance covers Maternity Care, but you have an option to take out a supplementary insurance. Coverage of these additional insurance options may vary between insurance companies.

When you have a pregnancy wish for example, you might benefit from exploring the supplementary insurance offers. They can significantly vary in coverage. By the end of the year you always have the option to adjust or extend your policy.

Costs and your own contribution

When you have a basic insurance or even with some supplementary insurances you are required to pay a small contribution.

Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland and insurance companies

Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland has contracts with all insurance companies. No matter which insurance company you choose, you will always be able to register with us.

Some insurance companies prefer that you arrange this through one of their agents, but most companies allow you to register directly with us. Our service desk employees can help you with the registration process.

Prices 2024

What are the costs and what is covered by your insurance company?

The following costs are covered by your insurance company:

  • Registration € 15,89 (always charged, also in case of cancellation)
  • Intake at home € 107,25
  • Telephone intake € 45,24
  • Birth assistance € 74,14 per delivery + additional € 63,25 per hour
  • Maternity Care € 63,25 per hour

The following costs are sometimes covered by your insurance company:

  • Own contribution € 4,80 per hour

The following costs are not covered by your insurance company:

  • Extra (non-indicated) hours of maternity care € 47,45 per hour (instead of € 59,33)

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We provide maternity care in the whole Zuid-Gelderland region; the area between Arnhem and Nijmegen and a number of municipalities just past the German border. We also cover the municipalities Cuijk, Grave, Mook, Molenhoek and Landerd as well as the villages Herpen, Neerloon, Overlangel and Ravenstein.