Extending your maternity care

Extending your maternity care

Our maternity nurses will support you and your family during the first 8-10 days after birth. However, in some cases our help is also desired after this period. We offer the opportunity to support your family for a longer period of time.

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Costs of extended maternity care:

If you wish to extend the duration of maternity care without medical necessity, this is not covered by your insurance company. You would have to pay the costs yourself. To meet you halfway, we can offer this extended care for a reduced fare of €44,71 instead of the regular €55,89 an hour.

Your doctor or midwife can also request extended maternity care if there is a medical necessity for it. In this case it is covered by you insurance company only if you have the proper complementary insurance.

After the maternity period

On the following pages you can read more about after the maternity period.

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