Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

It is very common that you already make a choice during pregnancy to breastfeed or bottle feed. We would love to inform you about both options allowing you to make the right choice for you and your situation.

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Breastmilk contains all the important nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins, but also minerals and vitamins. Antibodies in breastmilk also protect your baby from diseases. Breastmilk has the very special ability to adjust to your baby’s needs.

But there are more reasons to choose breastfeeding. Skin on skin contact is very important for bonding with and development of your baby. There are also benefits for your own body. Breastfeeding can help you regain your natural weight and protects you from diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis.

Very often breastfeeding comes naturally, but sometimes you and your baby need more support. Either way; you are not on your own. Our maternity nurses are well trained and will guide you through this.

Proper nutrition is important for your recovery. Especially when you are breastfeeding it is important that you drink enough water. You need at least two litres of fluids every day. When it comes down to food: eat enough and varied. Make sure you take in enough fibre, two pieces of fruit and 200gr of vegetables each day.

Should you have any specific questions about breastfeeding, we can establish contact with a lactation consultant for you.

Bottle feeding

There may be several reasons for choosing formula. Nowadays, formula is an excellent alternative. It contains all the nutrients your baby needs. There is a wide range of formula on the store shelves. All brands in the Netherlands comply with the legal guidelines. However, making a choice can sometimes be difficult, we are happy to help you with this. How much nutrition your baby needs depends, among other things, on the weight of your baby. We are happy to help you calculate the quantity. In the beginning this is minimal and this is increased a little every day. The maternity nurse will also show you how to clean the bottle and teats and what a good feeding position is. Take all the time you need and hold the baby close to you. When choosing formula, skin-to-skin contact also promotes bonding with your baby.


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