Collaboration with midwives

There is a close collaboration with the Midwives in our region. Our maternity nurses and your midwife already know each other. Being aware of each other’s knowledge and skills is very important for us. The midwives put a lot of trust in the professionality and expertise of our maternity nurses.

Professionals in maternity care are currently experiencing a busy period. That is why agreements have been made with hospitals and midwives in our region. You will receive this letter from the midwife.

gezin met baby - kraamtijd - Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland


We also have a close collaboration with the hospitals in the region. In most hospitals we provide outpatient birth assistance and in the Amalia kinderziekenhuis as well as Pantein ziekenhuis Boxmeer we provide maternity care within the confinements of the hospital, if possible.

JeugdGezondheidsZorg (child healthcare service)

We ensure a proper transfer of information to child healthcare services as a part of GGD. This This way the pediatric nurse is up to date about relevant details about the birth and maternity week and appropriate continuation of care can be guaranteed.

VSV (cooperation of midwives)

We have cooperation partnerships with VSV Samen and take care of newborns in Nijmegen and surroundings , and with VSV Kracht in Arnhem and with Geboortezorg Boxmeer.

Midwifery practices Arnhem and surrounding areas

Verloskundige praktijk Puur Vroedvrouwen

Venlosingel 54, 6845 JB Arnhem

Verloskundigenpraktijk Buik Baby Borst

Marieke Jurrius-van Meegen
Julianaplein 11, 6671 CA Zetten

Verloskundige praktijk Lingewaard

Herkenrathweg 9, 6681 DC Bemmel

Midwifery practices Nijmegen and surrounding areas

Verloskundige praktijk St. Anna

Heiweg 64a, 6533 PE Nijmegen

Verloskundige praktijk Donna

St. Annastraat 118, 6524 GL Nijmegen

Verloskundige praktijk Beuningen

Schoolstraat 145, 6641 DC Beuningen

Verloskundige praktijk Irene Praktijk voor Verloskunde

Paulus Potterweg 73, 6562 XK Groesbeek

Verloskundige praktijk Grave

Hengel 27, 5361 PH Grave

Verloskundige praktijk Yuux

Oosterweg 82a, 6602 HG Wijchen

Verloskundige praktijk Partus

Carbatinastraat 3, 6515 GM Nijmegen (Waalsprong gebouw CWZ, kamer 2.8)

Praktijk voor continue begeleiding van zwangerschap en geboorte (Siegrid Hoekstra)

Hobbemastraat 3, 6521 LH Nijmegen

Verloskundige praktijk Nijmegen West

Horstacker 16-44, 6546 EX Nijmegen

Verloskundige praktijk Cyclus

Pater Brugmanstraat 4, 6522 EL Nijmegen

Verloskundige praktijk Wijchen

Homberg 11-03, 6601 ZW Wijchen

Verloskundige praktijk Druten en West Maas en Waal

Hogestraat 60A, 6651 BM Druten

Ode Verloskundigen

Thermionpark 12, 6663 MM Lent

Juno Verloskunde (Angela Verbeeten)

Acaciastraat 58, 6523 DM Nijmegen

Verloskundigenpraktijk Buik Baby Borst

Marieke Jurrius-van Meegen
Brittanjesingel 59, 6671 AX Zetten

Waalsprong Verloskundigen

Edith Piafstraat 110b,6663 MA Nijmegen-Lent

For everybody

With all our heart

We aim to offer Maternity Care suitable for every situation or care demand. We are easily approachable to discuss all your questions, needs and preferences. During pregnancy as well as after your maternity period.

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