Wholehearted Maternity Care

Wholehearted Maternity Care

Maternity Care that suits you. You have probably already thought about what is important to you in your maternity week. You might even have special demands. On this website you can find examples of  wishes, preferences or specifics that might appeal to you. For example: Natural Maternity Care, Warmth Care or Night Care. Our consultants will investigate your personal preferences during the intake interview. Above all, you should always expect our wholehearted care. This implies that you will receive care that is tailored to your preferences and needs.

You can choose between Standard Maternity Care and Customized Maternity Care. Standard Maternity Care implies 49 hours in 8 days when you breastfeed (6 hours a day on average) and 45 hours in 8 days when you bottle-feed (5,5 hours a day on average). The exact distribution of the hours will be arranged between you and your maternity nurse. Her core responsibilities within these hours are: personal care and medical health checks, education and advice, basic domestic chores and ensuring general hygiene. Our maternity nurses are wholeheartedly committed to give you a happy and carefree maternity week. This implies taking care of the whole family; paying enough attention to the father to allow him to gently adapt to being a father and get acquainted with the new baby, to involve potential siblings in caring for their little brother or sister.

In some situations or circumstances it is possible to indicate more or less hours of care, our so called Customized Maternity Care. This type of care has a legal minimum of 3 hours a day and is called Minimum Care or 24-Hour Care.

Professional and safe care

Whatever you choose, professional and safe care is always guaranteed. Circumstances are always different, so are wishes. What do you need as a mother? What does your baby need? And what about the rest of your family? Relating to your family situation is one of the most important aspects of our organisation. We have the experience and knowledge to accurately assess every new situation and act on it.