Does family home support such as Babythuiszorg (baby home care) appeal to you?
You have just become a parent. Sometimes, parenting is a little different from what you expected. Maybe you have had to endure a very heavy birth or pregnancy, causing physical or mental problems. You are temporarily overburdened or overwhelmed by insecurities about parenting and/or caring for your baby. In this case, Babythuiszorg is ready for you!

Information for municipalities that want to use Babythuiszorg can be found here.

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When to request Babythuiszorg?

Do you want to know if you are eligible for Babythuiszorg? We provide support in various situations. For example when your baby cries a lot and you feel very insecure. When you have had to endure a very heavy delivery and are not able to optimally care for your baby just yet. But also when you have the feeling you haven’t been able to bond with your baby, when you are on a waiting list for the Moeder-Kind huis and are in need of support in the meantime, or when you are susceptible to develop a postnatal depression or psychosis.

Our caregivers come to your residence. They have the experience and knowledge to optimally support and assist you. You will be advised and educated about what your baby needs and how you can provide this in the best possible way. In consultation with your caregiver you will set goals to increase confidence, working towards caring for your baby and running your household independently.

Babythuiszorg is fitted to your personal situation. Together we will set goals that you will be working on.

Request BabythuisZorg

You can’t request for Babythuiszorg yourself. You need a referral from your midwife, home doctor or social community team. In fact: they put in the Babythuiszorg request for you.

Subsequently, the local government decides if an indication is justified in your situation, taking into account your social network (can partner/family/friend be engaged?). If an indication is issued, it’s also clear whether or not you have to pay a contribution. We will inform you about this.

Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland provides Babythuiszorg in the following regions: Berg en Dal, Beuningen, Cuijk, Grave, Heumen, Landerd, Maasdriel, Mill, St. Hubert, Mook, Middelaar, Nederbetuwe and Wijchen.

BabythuisZorg is not yet included in the ISO certification of Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland

After the maternity period

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Your maternity nurse will become part of your family household. Therefore, we think it’s very important she matches with your desires and needs. We take our time to get to know you and hopefully you will get to know us in return.

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We provide maternity care in the whole Zuid-Gelderland region; the area between Arnhem and Nijmegen and a number of municipalities just past the German border. We also cover the municipalities Cuijk, Grave, Mook, Molenhoek and Landerd as well as the villages Herpen, Neerloon, Overlangel and Ravenstein.