Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Table of contents


  1. General provisions
  2. Internal handling of complaints
    2.1 Expressing experiences with healthcare and services
    2.2 Internal complaints procedure
    2.2.1 Submitting a complaint
    2.2.2 Handling the complaint
    2.2.3 Registration and archiving of complaints
  3. Dispute settlement


Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland B.V. is actively looking for its clients’ experiences with healthcare and services. Client experiences help KZG discover what the organization is good or less good at. A complaint is an important signal for KZG. She wants to deal with this adequately so that she can maintain or regain the client’s trust. In addition, complaints may be a reason to take measures to prevent the complaint from occurring again in the future. The complaints procedure makes a distinction between complaints during the maternity period (the 24-hour complaints) and whether complaints after the end of the care (via the form satisfied with our support)

1. General provisions

Provision of written information to clients
At the start of care, each client receives a brochure with information about the complaints procedure of Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland. Inclusion in “baby on the way” is not a separate brochure.

To which complaints does the scheme apply?
The scheme applies to all complaints from or on behalf of clients to whom care and/or services are or have been provided by Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland.

What is meant by a complaint?
A complaint means any expression of dissatisfaction about an action or omission thereof, as well as the taking of a decision that has consequences for the client, by maternity care South Gelderland or by its employee(s).

Who can file a complaint?
A complaint can be filed by the client himself, his legal representative, his authorized representative or his surviving relatives.

Where can a complaint be submitted?
If the client or his representative is dissatisfied with the care or services, it is recommended that he or she first discusses this with an MT member of Maternity Care South Gelderland.

If the above does not lead to a suitable solution, a complaint can be submitted for internal handling to the complaints officer of Radboud university medical center, of which KZG is a part. In section 2.2 you can read how this works.

2. Internal handling of complaints (24 hours complaints)

2.1 Disclose experience with healthcare and services

Directly with the employee concerned
If you or his representative are not satisfied with the care or services provided, it is recommended that you discuss this with the relevant KZG employee. Together we can determine whether a suitable solution can be found for all parties. If the outcome of the conversation with the employee does not lead to a suitable solution, you can contact the manager of the employee concerned. The employee, client or midwife will then pass this on, after which an MT member will contact you. As a client or his representative, you are also free to express expressions of dissatisfaction directly to the manager.

Submitting a complaint
If the above does not give the desired result and you are not satisfied, you can choose to submit a complaint and have it handled according to the internal or external complaints procedure . However, you or your representative are always free to file a complaint directly and have it handled according to the internal or external procedure.

2.2 Internal complaints procedure

2.2.1 Submitting a complaint

You submit your dissatisfaction to the complaints mediator. It may be that a discussion about your dissatisfaction with the employee(s) involved and/or the manager has not led to a satisfactory result. Perhaps for certain reasons you do not want to talk to the employee(s) or Manager involved. In those cases, but also if you have any doubts, you can contact the complaints mediator at Radboud university medical center. You can call or write to the complaints mediator.

How the complaints mediator works
The complaints mediator listens to you and discusses with you what is the best course of action for you. You may end up having a meeting with someone from the department involved. If you wish, the complaints mediator is happy to be present. The complaints mediator may be able to help you solve the problem in a different way or help you break through a stuck relationship. Whichever route you choose, in most situations the complaints mediator will have to investigate a number of matters, for example obtaining information from the department(s) involved.

Mediation focuses on bringing parties together. If there is mutual understanding, solutions to problems can be found more easily. The complaints mediator works impartially and unbiased and has a duty of confidentiality.

Address of complaints mediator
You can submit your dissatisfaction or complaint digitally, by telephone or on paper to the complaints mediator. It is also possible to make an appointment with the complaints mediator for a personal meeting.

Postal address:
Radboud university medical center
Complaints mediation department
House post 628
Reply number 540
6500 VC Nijmegen
Telephone: 024 – 361 31 91

To report your dissatisfaction or complaint, you can use the digital complaints form on the website: www If you prefer to submit your complaint on paper, you can use the form at the back of this brochure or write a letter. In order to provide you with good service, the complaints mediator needs some information from you. You can find out which these are on the ‘Form for reporting dissatisfaction or complaint to the complaints mediator’. report dissatisfaction or complaint to the complaints mediator’. See appendix.

2.2.2 Handling the complaint

The procedure for complaints mediation:

  • You will receive a written confirmation of receipt within ten working days after reporting your dissatisfaction or complaint.
  • The complaints mediator aims to complete the mediation within three months, or as sooner as possible.
  • The complaints mediator informs the employees involved in your dissatisfaction or complaint and their managers about the report.

Every complaint or expression of dissatisfaction that the complaints mediator handles is registered. Department heads/directors and the Board of Directors periodically receive an anonymized overview of the received reports. This allows them to improve care. If necessary, the complaints mediator advises the Board of Directors on measures to be taken.

2.2.3 Registration and archiving of complaints

All complaints are registered by the complaints officer in a standard complaints overview. At least once a year, the complaints officer draws up an anonymized report for the director of the relevant area or company. This includes the number and nature of the complaints, whether they were handled within the set periods, whether the complaints mediation led to a satisfactory result for complainants, and the manner in which the complaints were resolved.

The complaints are stored digitally in the Radboud university medical center with a retention period of 10 years.

3 Dispute settlement

(in development)
You can report your complaint digitally via
Your personal data will only be used to handle your dissatisfaction or complaint.

View the complaints procedure as a PDF file.