Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have questions?

When you are pregnant you have a lot to deal with. ‘What do I have to arrange and when?’ Below you will see an overview of the questions that are most frequently asked by email or by telephone from the employees of our service agency.

How can I register for maternity care?

You can register via our website via our registration form.
It is also possible to contact us on working days between 9:00 am and 5 p.m. by calling 024 3094800.
Some health insurers want you to register through your health insurer.

Do you work for my health insurer?

Yes, we have a contract with all (Dutch) health insurers.

What if something changes in my situation?

We appreciate it if you inform us of any changes. For example, if you change health insurer. Or you will not use our maternity care due to a miscarriage or premature birth. You can easily report changes via the contact form.

What if I move after my registration?

If you move and stay within our working area, you will simply remain registered with us. If you move too far outside our working area, you can cancel your care with us and register with another maternity agency. You then only pay the registration costs with us.

Where can I order bobbins?

We have an agreement with Medipoint.
You can order your bobbins there and have them delivered to your home. They have many more products that you can order there. Our maternity care consultant will tell you this during the intake.

Is the maternity care consultant who does the intake also my maternity nurse?

No, we work with maternity care consultants. They are not maternity nurses. You discuss your wishes with the maternity care consultant and she will ensure that these are noted in your file. The planner of Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland is then well aware of your wishes as a maternity family when care is provided.

Would you like to see the baby’s room during the intake?

This is not necessary, but we like it! We do not come to count diapers, as is sometimes thought. We will explain the maternity period and would like to hear your wishes for the maternity period and answer all your questions.

Do you want to see the other children in the family during the intake?

That is not necessary, but it is certainly nice if they are there. If you expect the intake to go more smoothly without them being there, then it is also fine that they are not there. The choice is yours.

How many days of maternity care do I receive?

You will receive 8 – 10 days of maternity care. In general, you will receive 8 days of maternity care. If there is something wrong with you or your baby that requires some extra days, these will be indicated. If you give birth in the hospital and stay there another day, these will be waived. For example, if you were in the hospital for 2 days, you will receive care at home for another 6 days. In special situations, an extension of days beyond the 10th day is sometimes possible. Whether this is possible depends on how you are insured and with which health insurer. This must always be specially requested.

How many hours of maternity care do I receive?

We work with a national indication protocol (LIP) for maternity care. This indicates that you are entitled to 49 hours of breastfeeding spread over 8 days (an average of 6 hours per day). And with formula feeding 45 hours over 8 days (average 5.5 hours per day). In some circumstances more or fewer hours are indicated. You can opt for tailor-made care with a minimum of 3 hours per day. This is also called minimum care or 24-hour care.

Do I get one maternity nurse?

That is our starting point, one maternity nurse as much as possible. We cannot guarantee this. When healthcare is deployed, we always tell you whether the maternity nurse will stay with you every day or whether one of her colleagues will continue working with you after a few days.

If I don’t get along with the maternity nurse, can I ask for another maternity nurse?

We think it is important that you have a maternity period that suits you. If something does not go well in contact with the maternity nurse, we hope that you will discuss this with her. A solution is often possible. If you cannot reach an agreement, you can call the office and we will look for a solution. A solution may be to hire another maternity nurse.

Does there always have to be a hot water bottle available, even in summer?

Yes, even in the summer, babies can still have trouble keeping their temperature. There should therefore always be a hot water bottle in the house.

How do you request a maternity package?

Many health insurers offer a maternity package if you have additional insurance for this. But this is not sent automatically. It is important that you inform your health insurer of your pregnancy and request a maternity package. It is advisable to do this before the fifth month of your pregnancy, so that you receive the package at home on time – at least before week 37.

If you prefer not to use the health insurer’s package, you can also buy ready-made maternity packages at the drugstore, pharmacy or online.

In which area is Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland active?

We offer maternity care in the following places in alphabetical order:

  • Afferden
  • Arnhem
  • Batenburg
  • Bemmel
  • Bergharen
  • Beuningen
  • Boven Leeuwen
  • Beneden Leeuwen
  • Dreumel
  • Druten
  • Deest
  • Elst
  • Ewijk
  • Grave
  • Groesbeek
  • Heilig Landstichting
  • Hernen
  • Heumen
  • Horssen
  • Huissen
  • Kranenburg (Duitsland)
  • Lent
  • Leur
  • Maasdriel
  • Malden
  • Middelaar
  • Millingen aan de Rijn
  • Mook
  • Molenhoek
  • Niftrik
  • Nijmegen
  • Ooij
  • Plasmolen
  • Ubbergen
  • Wamel
  • Weurt
  • Wijchen
  • Winssen

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We provide maternity care in the whole Zuid-Gelderland region; the area between Arnhem and Nijmegen and a number of municipalities just past the German border. We also cover the municipalities Cuijk, Grave, Mook, Molenhoek and Landerd as well as the villages Herpen, Neerloon, Overlangel and Ravenstein.

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