Care at the Amalia children’s hospital

Care at the Amalia children’s hospital

Your baby can also be admitted to the so-called medium care at the Amalia children’s hospital. As parents you can also stay here all day (room in). If you are still a maternity woman (in the first 10 days after your birth), a maternity nurse from Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland can care for you there.

slapende baby - Kraamzorg Zuid Gelderland

Maternity care in medium care at the Amalia children’s hospital

The maternity nurse will come to your room in the hospital and check you and can guide you with feeding. Furthermore, she will support you with what you need and want. She coordinates very well with the nurses in the department who care for your sick baby. She will especially take the time to be a listening ear for you and your partner, so that you can share your story with her and feel supported. A very valuable form of maternity care.

*NB in our region, only Kraamzorg Zuid-Gelderland provides this service

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We provide maternity care in the whole Zuid-Gelderland region; the area between Arnhem and Nijmegen and a number of municipalities just past the German border. We also cover the municipalities Cuijk, Grave, Mook, Molenhoek and Landerd as well as the villages Herpen, Neerloon, Overlangel and Ravenstein.