Family Evers

On the day of our delivery, I called you to see if you could help us with what we needed (just 8 hours a day). You could do that, but what we didn’t know yet is that you could offer so much more!

Jolanda was sent our way and what a wonderful maternity nurse she is! Thanks to her quick action regarding breastfeeding, pumping and supplementary feeding, we have had a very satisfied girl since day 4 who was able to recover well from the intense delivery. Thanks to Jolanda, I was able to really get the rest that I so desperately need to allow my body to recover from the difficult birth.
And Jolanda was so much more! A nice chat, help in the household, treasure for our eldest and support and support during the maternity tears.

Thank you very much for being able to offer us this wonderful maternity week at the last minute. And wow, how nice that Jolanda works for you and that many families can enjoy her! Thank you.